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The future belongs to Asia, and ASEAN-China relations have a huge role to play.

To aid you on your voyage to seek a deeper understanding of ASEAN and China, we offer a series of holistic programmes and  ASEAN-China exchange opportunities. These initiatives help nurture and inspire ASEAN youths to be ASEAN-China savvy.

That’s the SEAkers Experience for our regional chapters across the 10 ASEAN countries.


SEAkers will become trailblazers in fueling future economic and societal growth in their own countries. By becoming a SEAker, you too can help connect your own country to ASEAN’s shared future, both within the region and with China.

You might notice that The Young SEAkers is a little different, a little daring. We integrate business, culture, and friendships. Supported by our esteemed partners, we have a vibrant calendar of activities across the region that helps SEAkers build professional confidence, cross-cultural competencies, and social networks.

We boost SEAkers’ profiles with regular holistic and experiential programmes. As a SEAker, you will get exclusive access to intercultural exchange opportunities and learning journeys, such as SEAkers Go! and SEAkers Meal & Mingle.

You will also get invaluable opportunities to participate in small-group discussions with invited experts and be referred for regional internships with our partners.


Ultimately, we develop SEAkers into ASEAN-China savvy youth leaders and enable them to tap on the full potential of the ASEAN-China region.

How can we better help you

to grow and become regional leaders of tomorrow?

What can you do for us?

As a SEAker, you are in charge of making the most of The Young SEAker’s ongoing education and personal development opportunities. This requires conscious effort to stay up to date and overcome language and culture barriers when meeting like-minded youths from other countries.

You will help other SEAkers learn more about your own country, and ‘do your homework’, asking intelligent questions and engaging in substantive conversations with our invited guests.

Lastly, ‘SEAkers’ is an identifying mark that we use to distinguish our community. You reflect our brand personality by nurturing a positive regional mindset and embodying the YEAH vibes.


As you progress in your journey, you can further your leadership skills and give back to the community by helping to plan and organise our events.


Are you a citizen of a Southeast Asian country and are currently between 18-28 years old?

Do you actively seek out ASEAN-China opportunities and possess our YEAH qualities (Youthful, Energetic, Audacious and Hungry)?

Let's Talk.

Public Work Space

Want to join us?

We are always looking for passionate and daring ASEAN youths to join us on our journey.

Join us as a SEAker, and get exclusive opportunities to build your ASEAN-China savviness, or apply to be part of the Headquarters Team


Open call for local SEAkers Chapters

There is so much more to discover as a SEAker.


Access SEAkers-only benefits and opportunities to build your professional confidence, cross-border competencies, and social networks today!


We support you and help you develop your ASEAN-China savviness through our SEAkers chapters across the ASEAN region.

Read on to to learn how you can be part of the diverse community of SEAkers.

Headquarters Team

2023 Recruitment

Become a cross culturally competent regional leader by getting involved in our Headquarters Team.


You will be working alongside an amazing group of ASEAN youths with the YEAH (Youthful, Energetic, Audacious, Hungry) qualities to help to develop ASEAN talents for the future of our region. These youths are trailblazers and will ignite the passion and power of youths to effect positive change and create positive momentum in the region.

Read on to learn about the various leadership roles you can apply for in the Headquarters team

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