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By becoming a part of our TYS SEAkers family, you too can help connect your own country to ASEAN’s shared future, both within the region and with China.


Join us as a SEAker (Member) or as a Volunteer today!

Welcome to the vibrant SEAker community!

As ASEAN youths, we understand the value of connection, friendship, and growth. That's why we've created this membership-based network exclusively for ASEAN youths aged 18-28 who are ready to be empowered and unlock a world of opportunities.

Do you...

Do you picture yourself mingling with a dynamic group of like-minded souls who live and breathe the ASEAN & China spirit?


It's not just a community; it's a family fueled by passion and a desire to embrace new experiences and perspectives.


Do you...

Do you want to develop your cross-border competencies that will set you apart and make waves in today's global landscape?

At TYS, we'll lead you through a world of immersive and experiential TYS programmes. Whether it's exploring ASEAN-China trends, engaging in cross-cultural collaborations, or participating in dynamic dialogue sessions, you'll be guaranteed PRIORITY ACCESS for the programmes and be constantly inspired.


The SEAKers community is calling out to you now . Get ready to meet regional friends, gain cross-border competencies, and experience the thrill of being part of a dynamic ASEAN-China community.


The SEAKers community is where it all begins - join us now and let the journey of a lifetime unfold before your eyes!

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