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The future belongs to Asia, and ASEAN-China relations have a huge role to play.

To aid you on your voyage to seek a deeper understanding of ASEAN and China, we offer a series of holistic programmes and  ASEAN-China exchange opportunities. These initiatives help nurture and inspire ASEAN youths to be ASEAN-China savvy.

That’s the SEAkers Experience for our regional chapters across the 10 ASEAN countries.


SEAkers will become trailblazers in fueling future economic and societal growth in their own countries. By becoming a SEAker, you too can help connect your own country to ASEAN’s shared future, both within the region and with China.

How can we better help you

to grow and become regional leaders of tomorrow?

You might notice that The Young SEAkers is a little different, a little daring. We integrate business, culture, and friendships. Supported by our esteemed partners, we have a vibrant calendar of activities across the region that helps SEAkers build professional confidence, cross-cultural competencies, and social networks.

We boost SEAkers’ profiles with regular holistic and experiential programmes. As a SEAker, you will get exclusive access to intercultural exchange opportunities and learning journeys, such as SEAkers Go! and SEAkers Meal & Mingle.

You will also get invaluable opportunities to participate in small-group discussions with invited experts and be referred for regional internships with our partners.


Ultimately, we develop SEAkers into ASEAN-China savvy youth leaders and enable them to tap on the full potential of the ASEAN-China region.

What can you do for us?

As a SEAker, you are in charge of making the most of The Young SEAker’s ongoing education and personal development opportunities. This requires conscious effort to stay up to date and overcome language and culture barriers when meeting like-minded youths from other countries.

You will help other SEAkers learn more about your own country, and ‘do your homework’, asking intelligent questions and engaging in substantive conversations with our invited guests.

Lastly, ‘SEAkers’ is an identifying mark that we use to distinguish our community. You reflect our brand personality by nurturing a positive regional mindset and embodying the YEAH vibes.


As you progress in your journey, you can further your leadership skills and give back to the community by helping to plan and organise our events.


Are you a citizen of a Southeast Asian country and are currently between 16-25 years old?

Do you actively seek out ASEAN-China opportunities and possess our YEAH qualities (Youthful, Energetic, Audacious and Hungry)?

Let's Talk.

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Want to join us?

We are always looking for passionate and daring ASEAN youths to join us on our journey.

Join us as a SEAker, and get exclusive opportunities to build your ASEAN-China savviness, or apply to be part of the Management Team


Open call for local SEAkers Chapters

There is so much more to discover as a SEAker.


Access SEAkers-only benefits and opportunities to build your professional confidence, cross-border competencies, and social networks today!


We support you and help you develop your ASEAN-China savviness through our SEAkers chapters across the ASEAN region.

Read on to to learn how you can be part of the diverse community of SEAkers.


Management Team


  • Able to commit 4-5 hours per week as part of The Young SEAkers Management Team

  • Relevant experience with SEO, keyword research, wix or social media management is a plus!


  • Provide input and contribute to the development of marketing and publicity materials for The Young SEAkers

  • Analyze user engagement and report on web traffic for all social media

  • Identify habits of our online audience and undertake market research to establish the best way to broaden our audience base.

  • Build and support SEO strategies by implementing keyword priorities into content marketing projects


Management Team


  • Able to commit 3-5 hours per week as part of The Young SEAkers Management Team

  • Relevant experience with teaching, education or youth development is a plus!


  • Plan and design The Young SEAkers curriculum so that our students are future-ready, have a strong sense of ASEAN identity,  and are equipped to contribute to a globalized world

  • Further refine our educational products and make our educational content modular to suit the needs of Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore

  • Ensure effective co-ordination and delivery of these educational programmes for students aged 17-25 years old


Management Team


  • Able to commit 3-5 hours per week as part of The Young SEAkers Management Team

  • Relevant experience with event planning is a plus!


  • Be actively involved in all programmes and develop a broad and deep knowledge of all programmes

  • Upkeep documentation on programme SOPs and best practices

  • Ensure ongoing programmatic excellence

  • Develop objective performance metrics to ensure TYS is adhering to our strategic plan; present operational metrics both internally and externally 

  • Coach local chapter EXCO members as they implement TYS' landmark programs for the first time

Operations & Tech

Management Team


  • Able to commit 4-5 hours per week as part of The Young SEAkers Management Team

  • Knowledge of a programming language and HTML/CSS

  • Relevant experience with website development and database management is a plus!


  • Contribute to developing our tech stack by identifying preferred apps/tools for purchase, with interoperability and value-for-money in mind 

  • Build a website for SEAkers Career (front or back-end)

  • Test, Troubleshoot and Debug

  • Leverage simple automation (e.g. excel functions, IFTTT) to streamline both business processes and database management

  • Assist the Chief Data Protection Officer in proper storage and disposal of personal data