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Finance, Legal & Strategy

Powering Possibilities: Guided by Finance, Legal, and Strategy!


The Finance, Legal, and Strategy department at The Young SEAkers is comprised of a dedicated team of volunteers who are responsible for supervising and managing the organization's financial, legal, and strategic functions.

If you're passionate about making money moves ($$) and navigating the exciting world of the legal system, this is the place to be! Our team members bring extensive experience in finance and possess in-depth expertise in the legal domain.

At our Finance, Legal, and Strategy department, we're the architects of success, crafting governance processes that fuel the organization's sustainability, keep us on the compliance throne, and stay true to our incredible vision and mission. We're the ultimate support system, helping all our awesome departments and chapters shine as they create waves of impact across the breathtaking ASEAN-China region.

Now, here's the fun part – we're a power trio, divided into three incredible teams: Finance, Strategy and Legal.

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The Finance Team

We're the team who sprinkle financial magic to keep The Young SEAkers' wheels turning! Our mission is to manage the organisation's treasure trove with impeccable precision while bringing transparency and accountability.

Reviewing and approving chapter budgets to ensure they're set for success!

Setting up expenditure and reimbursement policies, keeping everything shipshape and compliant!

Preparing financial reports and statements that tell the tale of our financial triumphs!

Liaising with external auditors and donors, building strong partnerships that empower our mission!


Providing financial guidance and advice to our outstanding departments and chapters, guiding them towards excellence!

Ideate and execute revenue-generating concepts, propelling TYS towards a powerful and sustainable future!

Form strategic partnerships with government agencies, joining forces to create waves of positive change in the ASEAN-China region!


The Strategy Team

The Strategy team lives for crafting ingenious strategies to boost The Young SEAkers' revenue streams. We brainstorm, strategize, and execute with unwavering determination, paving the way for long-term sustainable impact!


The Legal Team

We're the team who diligently conduct legal approaches to fulfill all of The Young SEAkers' needs! We leave no stone unturned in our quest to safeguard the organization's interests and ensure compliance with the law.

Conduct smooth on-boarding for chapter leaders, empowering them with legal knowledge to lead with confidence!

Navigate the legal landscape to find the perfect entity for each local TYS chapter, ensuring a solid legal structure!


Provide expert guidance on crafting HQ and Chapter Memorandums of Understanding, forging strong bonds within the TYS family!


Seal the deal with legally binding agreements, both with local and regional partner organizations, cementing impactful partnerships!

Ready for an adventure? Check out the exciting opportunities within our Finance, Legal & Strategy department and help shape the future with us!

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