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Our vision is a prosperous, united and globally competitive ASEAN powered by ASEAN-China savvy and future-ready youth. Headquartered in Singapore, we have local chapters in all 10 ASEAN countries and China.

The founding story of The Young SEAkers (TYS) began in 2019 when three friends, Calvin, Zi Xin, and Shion, found themselves captivated by their eye-opening first-hand experiences in ASEAN and China.

Through their travels and interactions, they witnessed the tangible benefits of Southeast Asia's integration into China's Belt and Road Initiative. They recognized the immense potential and market opportunities available to the region's youth.

As they shared their stories, they began to realize the immense potential that lay in connecting young minds from both ASEAN and China. 

In 2020, the three friends embarked on a mission and founded The Young SEAkers (TYS). TYS aimed to connect the brightest youths from ASEAN and China through a range of experiential programmes. By organizing regular events and initiatives, TYS provided its members, known as SEAkers, with the opportunity to engage, learn, and collaborate with their peers across borders.

Our Story


Recognizing the importance of developing ASEAN-China savvy local talents, TYS set out to secure support for its vision. In 2021, the organization successfully secured a SGD 50,000 grant from the Singapore National Youth Council's Youth Action Challenge.

This grant marked a significant milestone in TYS's journey and reinforced the need to prepare ASEAN youth for the evolving regional landscape, where success demanded regional competitiveness, connectivity, and cooperation.

The demand for ASEAN talents capable of navigating the ASEAN-China market was evident as more Chinese companies sought to expand their presence in the region. TYS recognized the existing gap in supply and demand and sought to fill it by providing a platform to groom ASEAN youths beyond their formal education.

Since then, TYS has grown steadily, offering a diverse range of programmes that have impacted countless ASEAN youths. They have become a leading ASEAN-China youth community, simplifying the search for transformative experiences in the region.

Through these first-hand ASEAN-China encounters, the SEAkers community within TYS has discovered the power and opportunities present in both ASEAN and China, while developing essential skills, knowledge, networks, and the right disposition to thrive.

As they look to the future, TYS remains steadfast in its commitments to empower the next generation of ASEAN youths. The journey has been challenging, but with unwavering determination, TYS is set to create a lasting impact on the youths of ASEAN and China.



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ASEAN Youths Impacted

Our Vibes

Our vibes shows us who we are, how we roll, and what we aim for —reflecting the super important qualities of  a SEAker.






Fuelled by vibrant essence of youth, we strive to harness the power of our vibrant ambition.


We emphasize enthusiasm, vigor, and an active mindset to drive impactful results in the region.


Our culture reflects a spirit of adventure and a refusal to settle for mediocrity. Dream big!


We maintain a strong appetite for learning and growth, committing ourselves to greatness.

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Our TYS Leaders

We see ourselves as much more than just a youth organisation, but as a family of like-minded and talented people who love to collaborate and drive awesome impact together.


Calvin Wee


Picture_Ian Michael Yam.jpg

Ian Michael Yam


Chief of Staff


Tan Shu Min


Head of People & Culture

Lee Zi Xin_Photo.png

Lee Zi Xin



Vivian Wong


Head of External Relations


Tan Zhan Tiam


Head of Product Development


Lim Yuxuan Chloe


Head of Marketing Communications

Justin Chua.jpeg

Justin Chua


Head of Product Operations


Chua, Shion



Hansen Lim


Head of Operations


Eleyn Yap


Head of Strategy

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