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SEAkers Go!

Immersive And Engaging 

ASEAN and China Learning Journeys :)

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SEAKERS in dialogue

The Young SEAkers SEAkers GO!

Push yourself beyond "discovering ASEAN" by joining us on our signature SEAkers Go! learning journeys.


We equip our fellow SEAkers with ASEAN and China experiences and necessary skill sets to become effective change-makers of the future. 


The SEAkers Go! ASEAN learning journey takes place in the ASEAN chairman country for the year.


The SEAkers Go! China learning journey brings SEAkers to Chinese cities that have increasing relevance to ASEAN.


Each learning journey consists of cultural and corporate visits, as well as local university tours and dialogue sessions with outstanding local university students.


So, why hesitate? Take flight with us on our incredible exchange journeys now! :)



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