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This program is designed to foster cultural appreciation, networking opportunities, and knowledge exchange among ASEAN youths, all while celebrating the diverse cuisines of the ASEAN & China region.

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Discover and immerse yourself in diverse culinary traditions of SEA countries and China, enhancing your appreciation for cultural diversity.

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Benefit from the special guests' practical and relevant experience/ insights through open conversations in a comfortable and fuss-free settings.

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Hear success stories, lessons learned, and strategies for personal and professional growth from like-minded peers who share your interests and aspirations.

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Dilla Andieni Nurshadrina, ID🇮🇩

The meal and mingle session was an enriching and fun experience. I had the chance to connect with vibrant and talented youth from both Singapore and Indonesia. It provided a unique networking platform and fostered meaningful cross-cultural connections!

Tan Wee Huat, SG🇸🇬

It was interesting meeting industry experts with a variety of experiences and always learning new discoveries from people that are above me and explored a new side of the industry that I previously had not known about!

Ng Yu Yang, SG🇸🇬

It was an eye-opening and fun experience being part of the Meal & Mingle Session in Jakarta. Being a foreigner, I learnt a lot about the local working environment and local culture within these few hours of connecting with local peers and founders! By the end, I had made numerous local friends and connections.

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