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Marketing Communications

Building TYS Brand, Captivating Audiences: We Make it Happen!

We're The Young SEAkers (TYS) Marketing Communications squad, the secret sauce behind TYS's social media magic! As the wizards of hashtags, maestros of ASEAN-China buzz topics, and champions of shareable moments, we bring TYS to life online. 


But we're not just about likes and follows; we're on a mission to sprinkle awesomeness into your newsfeed, with content that wows and connects with the ASEAN youth community. 


Interested? Let's work our digital magic together!


In our Content Generation team, we have our Regional Awareness unit, the trend-spotting masters who weave timely regional insights into captivating content. They're the ones conjuring up stories that connect ASEAN youth to their vibrant region.


Meanwhile, our Brand Awareness unit is the brand's spotlight superheroes, creating engaging posts that showcase our TYS milestones. Together, they form a dynamic duo behind TYS's captivating content, spreading joy and inspiration throughout the ASEAN youth community. 


Next, meet our dynamic TYS Brand Marketing team, the key to our TYS brand's journey! The Brand Strategy unit refines our strategy, establishes guidelines, and ensures brand integrity across regions. With a touch of magic, they create distinctive identities that turn heads and capture hearts. 


On the other hand, the Social Media unit manages platforms, analyzes data, and fosters engaging interactions with the ASEAN youth community. Together, they drive our brand's success, from captivating campaigns to a dynamic online presence. 


Ready for an adventure? Check out the exciting opportunities within our Marketing Communications department and help shape the future with us!

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