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People & Culture

Our TYS HQ Volunteers' Ally: Empowering with Purpose, Engagement, and Innovation


We are a department focused on strategically managing TYS’s people, culture, and work environment.  At our People & Culture department, we believe that happy volunteers are the heartbeat of a thriving organisation. Our approach centers on the idea that the future of work should prioritize human-centric approaches to purpose, structures, and leadership.


Together, let's make TYS the place to be, where ASEAN youth leaders feel proud to volunteer, and where productivity and creativity soar to new heights.

Our purpose is clear: we're here to power up our incredible volunteers o realize The Young SEAkers' vision of cultivating a vibrant community of adept ASEAN youth leaders, armed with cross-border competencies.


How do we do it? We attract, engage, and develop young volunteers from the region. Our guiding principles are our North Star; they keep us purpose-driven, agile, and innovative. Feedback fuels our engine of continuous improvement, and data illuminates our path to informed decisions.

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P&C Operations & Change Management

We are the backstage magicians behind TYS Headquarters, waving for efficiency, compliance, and a positive volunteer experience.

Streamline the entire P&C process, from interview coordination through offer and onboarding/offboarding procedures.

Oversee the organization and management of volunteer data and files.

Enhance existing processes and develop new policies to optimize the efficiency of P&C operations.

Developing strategies and plans for implementing organizational changes smoothly, including assessing risks and potential obstacles.

Creating communication plans to inform volunteers about upcoming changes, the reasons behind them, and how they will be affected.

Gathering feedback from volunteers and stakeholders to make necessary improvements & adjustments.

Cultivate a healthy pipeline of talents for TYS, ensuring we have the right volunteers for our goals.


Collaborate seamlessly with all departments to understand their volunteer requirements and manage the interview process.


Create and implement innovative recruitment strategies to attract and welcome new volunteers into our community.

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Talent Acquisition

We're all about discovering the brightest talents, managing interviews, and hosting engaging open recruitments to grow our vibrant volunteer community. 

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Volunteers Onboarding

We roll out the welcome mat and transform our newcomers into enthusiastic and well-equipped volunteers of the TYS family ready to make a difference with TYS.

Organize and lead onboarding sessions for new volunteers.


Foster a warm and supportive atmosphere, aiding members in acclimating to TYS.


Verify completion of onboarding assignments by new volunteers

Fosters cross-department appreciation through interactive activities among volunteers.


Creating a space for meaningful conversations and bonding within TYS Headquarters.


Recognizes and celebrates volunteers for their dedication and valuable contributions in alignment with TYS's purpose.

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Volunteers Experience

We ignite enthusiasm in the TYS volunteer community, aligning them with our mission and nsuring they find value in their TYS experience.

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Learning & Development

We’re the catalyst for growth and excellence within our organization. We work to catapult volunteers to new heights of job performance and personal development! 

Identifying the learning and development needs of volunteers and the organization through surveys, feedback, and performance evaluations.


Designing and developing training programs and courses that align with organizational goals and address identified needs.


Conducting training sessions, workshops, and seminars, either in-person or through digital platforms, to enhance volunteers on-the-job skills and knowledge.


Designing and implementing leadership development programs to nurture and groom future leaders within the organization.


Fostering a culture of continuous learning and development within the organization.

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