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External Relations

Linking Worlds, Connecting Minds, Unlocking Potential


Say hello to the awesome External Relations Department! We're the catalysts for regional awesomeness, connecting people and opportunities! Our pivotal role in nurturing and upholding positive relationships with diverse stakeholders, including esteemed government agencies, partner organizations, and community groups, holds the key to unlocking limitless potential for TYS. 

The cool kids in the External Relations (Corporates) team are the driving force behind TYS's collaboration with awesome ASEAN and China Corporates in Singapore and beyond. Their mission is crystal clear - spotting those sparkling partnership opportunities and then wowing those potential Corporate partners to join hands in TYS's existing projects and fresh new initiatives.

With every step, this team within the External Relation Department creates a symphony of harmony, drawing regional corporates closer than ever before!


The excitables in our External Relations (Institutions) team are pumped up to ignite the spirit of collaboration with awesome regional organizations and Institutes of Higher Learning across the region!


Their mission? To bring these fantastic Institutions on board. Whether it's joining forces for the ongoing TYS programmes or jumping into the exciting new projects TYS is brewing up, this team is all about creating strong alliances and weaving a web of positive change for regional youths!


Ready for an adventure? Check out the exciting opportunities within our External Relations department and help shape the future with us!

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