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Connecting Cultures: Tailored ASEAN-China Experiences for every learner!

We're the TYS Product crew, the driving force behind tailored ASEAN-China experiences for corporates and institutions! As creators of innovative programs and your direct connection for meeting your learners' needs, we design transformative journeys in the ASEAN-China region.


Our mission? To bridge the ASEAN-China gap in education and design enriching adventures that captivate the ASEAN youth community. Let's shape the future together!


In our TYS Product Development team, we have both ASEAN and China units — masters of their respective countries and experts in crafting bespoke learning experiences! They're the creative minds behind our tailored modules workshops, Meet-the-Insider sessions, Meal & Mingle events, and TYS Overseas Learning Journeys for our corporate and institutional clients. 

Got a passion for sharing your knowledge and leveraging your expertise to create unparalleled ASEAN-China experiences for our learners? We’re the team you need to check out!

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Next, get to know our dynamic TYS Product Operations team! We are all about building strong relationships and turning ideas into reality! These savvy pros handle sales and relationship management for our client accounts, ensuring everything runs smoothly like clockwork.


With a knack for connecting the dots and a sharp eye for detail, our team guarantees that our corporate and institutional clients receive exceptional service and comprehensive support tailored to their needs. Ready to join a team that gets things done and makes an impact?

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Ready for an adventure? Check out the exciting opportunities within our Product department and help shape the future with us!

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