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Explore ASEAN and China differently and foster regional understanding  with TYS Overseas Learning Journeys. Reshape perspectives through insightful corporate visits, diverse cultural experiences, and meaningful people-to-people exchanges.

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A Truly Immersive All-Rounded Experience with TYS

4 Pillars of TYS Overseas Learning Journeys


Tailored Pre-Trip Briefing

Ease into your Overseas Learning Journey with our Pre-Trip Briefing. Curated from our exclusive insights & rich experiences in the selected country, this session comprises diverse components, including an in-house introduction to the country module, a comprehensive overview of destinations, defined learning objectives, key learning points, and essential local phrases. Save time and hassle for your team while ensuring participants are thoroughly prepared for the exciting adventure that awaits!


Memorable Cultural Experience

Add a unique touch to your overseas learning journey with our Cultural Experiences itinerary. Whether it's cultural visits or engaging hands-on workshops, each experience is carefully curated to provide a deeper sense of engagement and foster greater intercultural understanding. From traditional ceremonies to interactive activities, participants will gain insights into diverse cultures, creating a truly lasting learning experiences.


Eye-Opening Corporate Visits

Enrich your overseas learning journey through impactful Corporate Visits, potentially incorporating company tours, haring sessions, and interactive Q&A sessions. These experiences offer firsthand insights into the local business landscape, fostering a deeper understanding of economic dynamics, industrial growth, and societal progress. Don't miss the opportunity to integrate valuable elements of practical knowledge and real-world context into your educational journey!


Dynamic People-to-People Exchange

Add a human touch to your overseas learning journey through People-to-People Exchanges. These interactions, ranging from Meal & Mingle sessions to youth discussions, enhance personal and social competence, fostering greater awareness of broader communities. Seize opportunities to build rapport beyond the everyday school environment and create connections that contribute to a more enriched and regionally aware educational experience now!

Where We Go

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Pre-trip Briefing

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Corporate Visits

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Cultural Experiences

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People-To-People Exchanges

Check out our sample itineraries!

Seeking information on other ASEAN countries? Reach out to us via email for assistance! You never know, we might have the resources to support your inquiry. ;)

Regional integration and regional mobility have increased rapidly in the past decade. As a consequence, new and exciting opportunities for ASEAN youths are emerging. This heightens the need to nurture an appreciation of and respect for social, cultural and religious diversity, and a sense of global citizenship.

We believe in the transformative power of TYS learning products to make you regionally ready, ensuring desired learning outcomes.

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Our strength lies in crafting a tailored mix of experiential learning to meet your specific needs.

Inspiring Experiences

Pre and Post Learning Impact Assessment with Data Insights

End-to-End Quality Service and Support

Refundable Payments

What our clients say

"The students had a great time learning and making new friends. Thank you TYS for making this possible for us!"

"... It was truly a transformative journey that allowed our participants to gain a nascent appreciation for the country and its people...."

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