Our Programmes

The Young SEAkers offers holistic programmes crafted around 3 principles:

We create an 

interactive space

for SEAkers to learn collaboratively.

We carefully curate our programmes

and centre them around ASEAN and China.

We facilitate all our programmes

and nurture cross-cultural empathy in SEAkers.

Here are some of our


that you can join!

SEAkers Go!

ASEAN/China immersive learning journeys

We don't stop at "discovering". We go beyond to "immersive learning".  

This learning journey series provides you with cross-border exposure in both ASEAN and China. Nothing beats being to a country in person to learn about its history, culture, people, and future prospects!


We feed your mind and tummy with this M&M! This is probably the best "M&M" for your body!  


Don't miss out on the chance to meet like-minded youths from your local ASEAN community

P.S. Here's a bonus, there might be amazing guests who join :)

SEAKERS in dialogue

Fancy an engaging dialogue session with the movers and shakers of the ASEAN-China region? :)


Be prepared to challenge your own thinking and broaden your perspectives about relatable and pertinent ASEAN-China topics.



Check out what we have done so far!

Green Indoors

Burning questions?

Fret not! We've the right answer! ;)

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