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Hello SEAkers, I'm 


and I'm one of the co-founders.

"The future may be uncertain but never doubt the positive impact that a small group of thoughtful, committed youths can create. We are determined to prepare our ASEAN youths for a better future."

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Living life on autopilot

In short, "a controller, a prompter, an assessor, an organiser, an adventurer and a tutor" is how Shion would describe herself.


Under the halo of Singapore government scholarships since Junior College, Shion pursued her unyielding passion and studied both Chinese Studies and Chinese Language in National University of Singapore (NUS). 

Her research focus includes overseas Chinese family business diaspora in Southeast Asia and China's Mid Tang economic history. Soon after her graduation in 2018, Shion was swiftly placed in the highly exclusive fast track career path in the Singapore civil service. Back then, she often found herself on autopilot—waking up in the same home, putting on the same clothes, taking the same transportation to the same destinations. But, her turning point came in 2019 when she was elected as the Vice-President of

Business China Youth Chapter.

Rewarding experiences and established regional network

As the Vice-President, Shion gained practical skills in networking, organising overseas learning journeys and taking responsibility for activity and programme organizations. She was also an active representative in various regional and international youth conferences—Peking University’s Yenching Global Symposium, Hong Kong Dragon Foundation's Dragon100, 1st Malaysia-China Youth Entrepreneurs Conference and 2019 Horasis Asia Meeting and many more.


Such exposure has offered her valuable opportunities to cultivate and maintain her network, particularly in the ASEAN and China region.

It's now or never

Despite the job satisfaction, Shion realized there are bigger things that she can to do in her life. She wanted more. Hence, towards the end of 2019, Shion decided to take a leap of faith and embark on a path less trodden. She plunged into the uncertainty of being an entrepreneur and is currently devoting herself to youth development and engagement. She brings with her 18 months of highly qualified experience collaborating with mentors, colleagues and youths, equipping her with skills such as planning, goal setting, youth training and youth support.


Meet rest of the founding team 

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