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At The Young SEAkers, we are the people ready to harness the power of the SEAwave.

Our Advisory Network

Our Advisory Network is an inspiring group of people who volunteer their time, experience and knowledge. Their support for our vision and strategic guidance has kept us thinking big and moving forward. 



Meet Calvin, Zi Xin and Shion. Together, they believe that they can make realising the ASEAN dream, realisable. The first step to that is bridging the gap between demand and supply of local talents. Through The Young SEAkers, they have provided ASEAN youths with immense opportunities and a platform to engage in a stronger and mutually beneficial network.


Great things in business

are never done by one person. They are

done by a team of people.

Steve Jobs

Meet our Management Team 

We have got the best people formula at helm. These amazing individuals share the vision and YEAH vibes of #teamSEAkers. They are the force behind each of our milestones. 

Vivian Wong >
Tan Yin Lin >
Chan Yong >
Phung Tan Hai Long >

Vivian studies Economics and China Studies at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Passionate about youth development and the ASEAN-China region, Vivian believes in fostering greater interest and understanding of the region among youths. As a Sinology enthusiast, Vivian also serve as a student journalist for the Singapore’s LianHe Zaobao.

Yin Lin is a writer, aspiring journalist, and recent English Language graduate from the National University of Singapore. She is currently an editorial intern with RICE Media and KrASIA, where she writes about culture, current affairs, tech, cool new ideas and a little bit of everything else. As a writer, she is interested in Southeast Asia and China. 

Chan Yong is passionate about discovering how culture & education shape a nation's entrepreneurial tendencies and qualities – this quest has led him to adventures in China, Israel and different parts of Southeast Asia. He believes that developing youth leaders with cross-cultural competencies is crucial to building a prosperous and more integrated ASEAN-China region.

Hai Long is a current strategist at Google, covering the Vietnam market. He is responsible for developing effective digital advertising strategies for his clients. 

He is a firm believer of the future prospects of the South East Asia region and hopes nothing than being able to bring the region to the world, starting with effective online engagement!

Wee Pui Ying >
Hnin Azali @ Brenda >
Yang Sheng >
Coming soon >

Pui Ying currently studies real estate at the National University of Singapore. She believes that infrastructure development is the foundation of economic growth and sees huge potential in the Southeast Asia and China market. Hence, she thinks that it is important for youths to be ASEAN-China savvy so that they can help to unleash the potential of the region.

Brenda currently studies Information Systems and Economics at National University of Singapore. She was one of the four recipients of MOE-ASEAN scholarship from Myanmar. Through spending time in a community of ASEAN and Chinese scholars, she developed her interest in connecting passionate youths across ASEAN-China region to form meaningful partnerships. She founded STEPS Volunteering Youth Organisation, and a pioneering overseas CIP project, and is currently in the core team of a start-up in Myanmar. 

Yang Sheng graduated from NUS Global Studies and emerged 1st in the Bahasa Indonesia speech contest organised by the embassy in Singapore. The concept of diversity was key in making him who he is today, and he hopes to share his experience with fellow friends at SEAkers to develop greater understanding of the region and henceforth ourselves. His interest is in heritage and cultural appreciation!

Our Chapter Leaders

Our Chapter Leaders is a diverse group of amazing individuals who leads and represent SEAkers from all over ASEAN— Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. We are a regionally-minded organisation building truly ASEAN experience and community.

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