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Our Story

We move beyond just talking about ASEAN or China to a local audience. We bring the ASEAN-China experiences to our regional SEAkers community.


The Young SEAkers helps SEAkers to grow within their communities through a series of holistic programmes and concrete ASEAN-China exchange opportunities. Our biggest focus is to build cross-border competencies and interpersonal soft skills. By doing so, SEAkers will be equipped with the necessary skills and networks needed to tap on the full potential of the ASEAN-China region.


Why we are

doing this?

There is a lack of young local talent in ASEAN.


"It’s apparent that there is a talent challenge when large companies like Central Group (Thailand), MAP (Indonesia) and SSI Group (Philippines) are often having to import expats into management or even senior management positions because they couldn’t source a candidate locally."


aCommerce, Thailand 

ASEAN youths need the ideal profile— Cross-border competencies and soft skills.

"To help overcome that problem, we can hire people who are adaptable to meet ever-changing needs or upskill current employees so that they can be in line with current trends."


Dr. Yvonne Tan, Pulsifi, Singapore

 I will always remember how my uncles complain about the lack of suitable local candidates with ideal profiles to take on the available jobs.

Shion Chua, Co-Founder

We have seen the fruits of Southeast Asia's integration into China's Belt and Road Initiative. With an increasing number of Chinese companies looking to expand into ASEAN markets, there is a need to develop ASEAN-China savvy local talents. However, there is an obvious imbalance in demand and supply, and a lack of platforms to groom the ASEAN youths outside their formal education.

We want to help.

Hence, The Young SEAkers is formed to unleash the full potential of our ASEAN youths.

And the youths who joined us are who we call the "SEAkers".


/ ˈsi kər /



  1. a homonym of Seeker

  2. an ASEAN youth who actively seeks ASEAN-China opportunities in SEA and are well-equipped with cross-border competency and relevant soft skills to navigate through the region

  3. a part of the The Young SEAkers community 


To move and create a new generation of ASEAN-China savvy youth leaders.


To build a regional community of passionate SEAkers and provide them with complementary programmes to maximise their cross-border competencies.


We are Youthful, Energetic, Audacious, and Hungry.

 These are what define The Young SEAkers.


This is how we help.


We want to achieve a breakthrough with this talent problem. We want to unlock the potential of ASEAN youths. We want to nurture them with actual cross-border competencies, soft skills and experiences. 

These are some of our programme highlights:

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