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We value our trusted partners and their in-kind support in pursuit of our vision.


Partnerships counts. The Young SEAkers is always committed to actively share experiences and carry out collaborations with organisations and institution of all sizes. We believe in creating more shared values through partnerships while building a stronger community.

As our partner, your ideas, contributions and volunteer power are invaluable. We could not have done it without you.

Our Partners in spotlight

Business Indonesia Singapore Association is an association focused mainly to assist business matching between Indonesia and overseas through Singapore as the business hub. BISA was established in 2009 from initiatives by 3 Indonesians young entrepreneurs based in Singapore with the same understanding spirit "gotong royong" and "saling membantu".

 The Global Citizen Pte Ltd. is the first Singapore-based social enterprise that aims to bridge the gap in co-curricular education through hands-on learning experiences and skills development. Established in 2015, The Global Citizen equips students with essential 21st century competencies, and imbues a genuine sense of global responsibility as well as civic mindedness.

YSI SEA is a social enterprise in Singapore that gathers young talent to develop impact startups, with the 17 Sustainable development goals as a framework. It aims to serve the Southeast Asian community and drive impact in the region by empowering youth through its programmes and courses, while developing close connections to young minds and established organizations across the region.

FutureLab.my is an ed-tech company that is based on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They provide an online mentoring platform that that connects students, working professionals, jobseekers and entrepreneurs with expert industry mentors across the region. Organizations uses their platform to create, manage and track large scale mentoring programs. Their goal is to help the community upskill & reskill themselves one meaningful conversation at a time

The Society of Student Affairs (Singapore), also known as SGExams, is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated towards supporting a better student community. By focusing on the areas of academics, student welfare, education & career guidance and holistic development, SGExams aims to serve as a go-to hub for students throughout their education journey.

CareerSocius is a social enterprise that helps job-seekers in Singapore build and enhance their personal brands to enable them to clinch their dream jobs. Spurred by the inequality we see in recruitment, CareerSocius hopes to equalize the playing field and help people find what they are good at and love doing. Its mission is to empower all job-seekers to maximize their career potential.

Bamboo Buiders is a distinctive social enterprise that builds social entrepreneurs. It works with urban and rural schools throughout Southeast Asia, and offers various programs at an affordable cost, enabling leaders help communities create sustainable projects that address social needs. It hopes to build confident, future-ready leaders of character who are community-grounded, yet relevant for the ASEAN region. 

Kinobi is a digital mentoring platform, headquartered in Singapore, that provides education, access to the network, and branding for people to attain their dream careers. Kinobi is currently operating in five countries across Asia – Singapore, Indonesia, India, Thailand, and the Philippines, through its two products, Pathways and Mentoring Programs.

The Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China (SingCham) is a non-profit organisation established with strong support of the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore, the People's Republic of China and Enterprise Singapore. The Shanghai Chapter of SingCham officially represents the Singapore business community in Shanghai.

Established in 2016, EDGE is the youth wing of the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE). EDGE is a community that support, develop, and empower youth entrepreneurs in Singapore. They aim to foster a greater synergy within the youth entrepreneurship space. They bring together youth entrepreneurs, student entrepreneurship clubs, industry partners, government, and ecosystem players in order to grow and foster a more cohesive and collaborative youth entrepreneurship scene in Singapore.

*SCAPE Co. Ltd is a non-profit organisation with its mission and vision rooted in support of youth, talent and leadership development. It seeks to be the home of enterprising youths committed to creating their own future.  *SCAPEentrepreneurship is a programming cluster under *SCAPE that develops the next generation of youth entrepreneurs and start-ups through developmental programmes such as business pitches, workshops, and networking sessions.

Social Impact Catalyst is ASEAN’s largest youth-centric non-profit organisation focused on social entrepreneurship and innovation. It was founded in 2019 with the mission to empower young leaders of tomorrow through innovation and entrepreneurship to build sustainable solutions and catalyze impact for the world. Its community of young leaders engage with local stakeholders to champion initiatives and businesses with social impact.

Singapore Global Network is a division in the Singapore's Economic Development Board (EDB) which focus on building a strong and extensive networks of global business and talent communities. SGN also leads the Whole-Of-Government effort to enhance the international mindshare of Singapore as a leading globally-connected city.

Lotus League is a non-profit organisation that aims to strengthen the relationship between the Europe's and Asia's brightest students and ambitious young professionals through integration, promotion and providing access to professional mentors.

ASEAN Hands seeks out senior executives of international organisations, policymakers and business leaders in Southeast Asia, bringing their audience deep insights from these movers and shakers through podcast interviews and feature articles.

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