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The Young SEAkers Indonesia

Welcome to

We shape and advance Indonesian youths to be ASEAN-China Regional Leaders of tomorrow.

The Young SEAkers aims to build a future of ASEAN-China savvy Indonesian youths equipped with the skills and network to navigate the regional level.

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We are witnessing the ever-expanding co-operation

between ASEAN and China.

The Young SEAkers has a broad vision and determination to map out a future that

bridges young ASEAN generations to the rest of ASEAN and China through

its specially-curated programmes.



local and regional partnerships with

top organizations



local youths

to excel at a

regional level



ASEAN Countries

for cross border collaboration

Our mission to move & create a new generation of

 ASEAN-China savvy youth leaders

We work closely with out established partners to offer a wide range of curated programs that equip our SEAkers with the necessary


Relevant skills to turbocharge career & crossborder competencies


Best-in-class program to sculpt career-ready youths


Broad network of like-minded individuals across the region

to navigate their future careers in the ASEAN-China region.

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SEAkers' Experience

Hear what our current SEAkers has got to say about their amazing experience!

TYS has been a great community for me to learn and collaborate with other inspiring youths to solve real case studies. Facilitated with workshops from experienced professionals, it's improved my problem solving skills and industry insights. I'm also excited to have a mentor that relates with my career aspiration, and hope to be more equipped after this program.


Gracella Jovita

Actuarial, University of Indonesia

Meet Our Mentors

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Bernadus Setya

Ananda Wijaya


Forbes 30 Under 30 & CEO
at Sucor Sekuritas


311125 2.png

Raihan Zahirah
Mauludy Ridwan


Partnership Manager
(IDN) at TikTok


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Shanny Lestari


Venture Capital Investment
at Openspace Ventures


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Senior Associate & Behaviour
ChangeTeam Lead at



What We Do

SEAkers Mentorship Lab


(For Aspiring Business Founder and Young Professional)

SEAkers Mentorship Lab is a 8-week mentoring program providing members with a myriad of experiences, opportunities, and network through project challenges in support of real companies. Since inception, we have connected our SEAkers to a number of notable mentors and startups in the region.

SEAkers Career


SEAkers Career is centered upon connecting youths to both multinational and regional companies, aiding them in shaping themselves into workplace-ready youths who resemble some of the most outstanding talents amidst ASEAN’s skill trends.

SEAkers Spotlight


(For Aspiring Business Founder and Young Professional)

Coming Soon

SEAkers Spotlight is an online webinar focusing to gain insights from top-notch speakers who experts in business field by sharing their experiences.

SEAkers Class Series


(For Aspiring Business Founder and Young Professional)

Coming Soon

SEAkers Series of Business Classes provides an easy access in taking short courses to master the professional skills to level up your career.
SEAkers Series of Corporate Classes provides an easy access in taking short courses to master the professional skills to level up your career in professional industries.

SEAkers Business


(For Aspiring Business Founder and Young Professional)

SEAkers Business Challenge is a 3-months challenge-based program integrated with real company / business problems, encouraging interdisciplinary team to collaborate and work on impactful projects. The trainees will receive weekly training in the form of activity series such as webinars, workshop, 101 mentoring that will be conducted by expert mentors in particular field.

SEAkers Scholarship


Coming Soon

SEAkers Scholarship Program offers funding for our students’ education, accompanied by an opportunity to take on a trip to ASEAN countries to delve deeper into cross-cultural knowledge, competencies, and networking

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