Our Chapter Leaders

We are garnering a number of talented individuals from various locations around the ASEAN region to be our Chapter Leaders.


The Young SEAkers Chapter Leaders bring to the table strategic leadership in the development and stewardship of the local chapter. They play a vital role in our mission to move and create a new generation of ASEAN-China savvy youth leaders in their home country.

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Aung Zin Phyo Thein


Aung Zin currently works as a Senior Analyst at BowerGroupAsia, a strategic advisory firm that specializes in the Asia Pacific, and serves as a Nonresident Fellow at the Pacific Forum, a US think tank. He has an undergraduate degree in International Relations from Durham University, and undertook graduate studies in public policy at the University of Nottingham. 


"With the Young SEAkers, I aim at being a driver to deepen a greater understanding of ASEAN-China relations for youths in Myanmar to take advantage of changing geopolitical landscape."


Lim Chhay


Lim Chhay earned his B.A. in International Studies with Honours from Royal University of Phnom Penh. During his academic years, Chhay  served as an interpreter and assistant to Royal Government Spokesperson of Cambodia from 2018 to 2019. Chhay was also the National Intern for the United Nations Development Programme in charge of Communications and Knowledge Management. Chhay pursues his passion in research on ASEAN-China affairs by joining a Cambodia-based youth think-tank as a research fellow. 


"The Young SEAKers will be a creative platform to promote ASEAN-China Relations at the grassroot level. I am ready to be a young leader in Cambodia and unlock the potential of youth for promoting positive relations between ASEAN and China."


Touch Likhedy


Li Khedy graduated with a B.A. in International Studies and Law in Cambodia. Khedy believes in the power of youths to influence the world, thus she applied for and was selected to be a part of many international workshops, including the ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting and the Futures Thinking and Scenario Planning Workshop for Youths in Singapore to discuss practical policies for the region. 


"By joining with the Young SEAKers, I hope to bring about the importance of ASEAN-China relations among Cambodian youth. Let’s thrive together!"


Bryan Michael Chiew


Bryan Michael Chiew (赵森) is a former national swimmer with 7 years of experience studying and living in Beijing, China. He was the 29th President and current Advisor (to the President) of the Students' Union at Nanyang Technological University. He is in his penultimate year pursuing a Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) with a Major in Public Policy and Global Affairs. As a country delegate in the Inaugural Singapore-Fujian Youth Leaders Exchange and 7th AUN ASEAN Student Leaders Forum, Bryan finds passion in building meaningful bridges across cultures.


"With The Young SEAkers, I aim to create a platform of collaboration and intercultural understanding between ASEAN and China, because together, there are no boundaries for success!"

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Jan Chichary 


Jan Chichary graduated from Chulalongkorn University in 2020 and was an exchange student at Tsinghua University (Beijing) in 2019. During her university years, Jan participated in several conferences and collaborations between ASEAN and China. Jan finds it delightful to see how much the community has grown over the past years.  As Thailand's Founding Chapter Leader, Jan is on a mission to be a  do-er and a creator, to go beyond sitting in a conference and being a participant. 


"I joined TYS because I want to be a part of a community with a common purpose, that cultivates cultural intelligence and beyond. In this interconnected and ever complex world, it is important to raise questions about how we can strengthen our community together to drive changes and innovate for a better future."


Ezra Valentino Purba


Driven by his vision to empower and maximise youths’ potential, Ezra has served as the president in one of the most reputable student-led incubator in Indonesia, StudentCatalyst.

As a person who holds the principle of “collaboration over competition”, his mission in The Young SEAkers is to build a strong collaborative ecosystem between youth in ASEAN and China to empower the region. 


“Going forward, I believe that there will be a solid integration between youth across ASEAN. Tied by cross-border competencies and regional mindset, I believe The Young SEAkers will become a complete ecosystem for ASEAN youth to share knowledge, collaborate, and grow together."


Renzo Racadio


Renzo graduated with a degree in Business Economics at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. As a self-described mad scientist, he tries to engage in different activities that pique his interest. From wild food concoctions to highly debatable opinions, Renzo is an embodiment of the saying, “curiosity killed the cat

……but satisfaction brought it back.” 

Through his experience as a postgraduate student in Beijing, and as a senior analyst at an e-commerce company that serves the Southeast Asian community, he hopes to educate Filipinos on the importance of building relationships with the rest of the ASEAN community.


"I joined TYS because I want to give young Filipinos opportunities to meet people from our neighboring countries. By doing this, I hope to expand their perspectives so that they may be able to make more informed decisions."


Yeo Yan Yin @ Amanda


Yeo Yan Yin @ Amanda is a Research Analyst at EMIR Research, Malaysia. Prior researching socio-economic issues in Malaysia, she served as Private Secretary to both Minister of Youth and Sports of Sabah and Minister of Health and People's Well-Being of Sabah. 


Amanda earned her MSc (International Relations) at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.


By joining The Young SEAkers, I would be able to enhance my interest in infrastructure development as well as integrating Malaysia and ASEAN into China interactions. It's crucial to build back my own country and region better by incorporating China's insight in terms of governance, poverty eradication and technology enhancement. By working closely with China, Malaysia and ASEAN would be able to enjoy economic progress.


Phetmany Viyadeth


Phetmany Viyadeth (Churnchurn) graduated from Royal Holloway University of London. She was also a Chinese language student at Fudan University, Shanghai in 2019.                  
Currently she is working as a communication specialist at the United Nations Population Fund and is also the founder of UTD education based in Laos. 
Churnchurn has involved herself in various areas of education to support many young people in reaching their full potential and shaping their own lives.


"With The Young SEAkers, I hope to establish a platform to engage young people in the community to understand our ASEAN region and China better. Thus, preparing them well to tap on the full potential of the region and create a better future for themselves."


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