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Be a SEAker

Yes, we are accepting new SEAkers into our local SEAkers chapters.


Throughout the year, the SEAkers chapters across the region are abuzz with programmes and events as part of our efforts to promote ASEAN-China savviness. We welcome you to get involved as a SEAker and embark on an incredible journey with us.

The SEAkers Experience

It is your journey with local The Young SEAkers chapter, where we have great ways to keep you fully engaged from end-to-end. We not only work to develop you into an ASEAN-China savvy youth leader, we also strive to make your experience with us an amazing one. 



Participate in TYS' Public Initiatives

TYS offers a wide mix of events and original content that anyone can engage with. Have a look at our 3 social media platforms for our weekly updates about rising ASEAN startups, or hop on one of our SEAkers Connect! webinars, where we bring in thought leaders from the region to share their experiences.

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Engage Actively with SEAkers-only Events

Congratulations! After applying and going through our on-boarding session, you are now an official SEAker! You get access to exclusive SEAkers-only events that will give you a more in-depth understanding of ASEAN and China, and allow you to meet like-minded youths and exclusive guests.

Click here to find out more about some of these programmes!



Deepen Understanding with Purpose-Driven Learning Journeys

You now have a better idea of ASEAN and China, after taking part in our SEAkers-only events. It's time to engage even further and apply and expand that knowledge by visiting those regions in person! Our SEAkers Go! learning journeys bring you to China and ASEAN and are specially curated to facilitate cultural and professional exchanges. 

Click here to learn more!



Grow Professionally and Personally Through TYSC Leadership Roles and ASEAN Internships

After cultivating your interest and knowledge about ASEAN and China through our SEAkers programmes, you're now ready to put that to the test by working with a company in another ASEAN country, or simply just planning more interesting events and programmes for your local The Young SEAkers Chapter (TYSC)! Through our valuable partners, The Young SEAkers provides opportunities for you to intern with firms all around ASEAN, where you can truly immerse in a different culture and engage with the community first-hand on a genuine level.


How to be a SEAker?

Understanding the SEAkers membership process



Scroll down to check whether the chapter in the country you are based in has opened for SEAkers recruitment.

We are sorry if the chapter in the country you are based in has yet to open their SEAkers recruitment. Fret not! Subscribe to our mailing list to be a friend of SEAkers! We will be sure to update you about our SEAkers recruitment schedule. ;) Alternatively, you can contact <country>

If recruitment has started , click on the "Apply Now!" tab and fill up our membership form. If your application is shortlisted, you will be notified via email within two weeks



Upon participating in our virtual onboarding meeting with the local chapter's Exco, you are officially an inductee in the chapter!


During the virtual onboarding session, we describe to you the map ahead so you can navigate the SEA region like a pro! These include our landmark programs like SEAkers Go! and SEAkers Meal & Mingle, as well as other SEAkers-only programming that are designed to meet your needs.

An event task will be assigned during the onboarding process. You enjoy a guaranteed spot in your first programme/event you join as an inductee.



You have completed the assigned task and participated in your first programme as an inductee. 

We can then extend our warmest welcome to you.


Welcome to the the SEAkers family! :) 

You will have full access to our vibrant calendar of holistic and experiential programmes designed to nurture a community of ASEAN-China savvy youth leaders. Immerse yourself in a community of like-minded youth, in an environment of intellectual engagement, professional development and cultural exchange!

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#SEAkerSG Recruitment

 Want us to aid you in your understanding of the ASEAN and China regions?? Well, don't hesitate!! :D Sign up now!


#SEAkerMY Recruitment

Join SEAkers from Malaysia. Your journey begins NOW!

Let's integrate and connect ideas with youths across the ASEAN and China regions together

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